Client Computing

The client computing environment is all about serving the needs of the end-users. This means meeting their demands of continuous connection and access to the best networks and services as a seamless extension of their traditional desktop. They want the freedom to choose their applications, devices, and services free from security threats. At Open Systems of Cleveland, we ensure that your end-users can make IT their own while still having access to IT support in real-time. We can help your institution build a robust user-centric environment while maintaining compliance, security, and governance.

Our experience and expertise in desktop deployment and management into the new computing environment provides the following:

  • Application management
  • Compliance
  • Device policy
  • End-user support
  • Identity management
  • Procurement
  • Security
  • Strategy, architecture, and deployment

Our offering will ensure that your staff has access to core data and applications on devices including traditional desktops.

client computing
client computing

Our client computing solution offers the following:

  • Application integration
  • Desktop deployment and management
  • Desktop virtualization
  • End-user computing
  • Enterprise mobility
  • Identity management
  • Systems management